My Journey Begins

I’m Jennifer Goldstock. I’m glad you’re here as I begin my solo practice. I’m excited and am really looking forward to helping you begin your journey back to good health.

But first, you might be wondering a little bit about my own journey. Throughout my life, I’ve learned some pretty important lessons. One of the biggest was that I’m not invincible—and that everything I put in my body and mind matters. From an addicted smoker who couldn’t run one block, to running a full marathon, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of being chronically unhealthy to achieving full wellness.

How did I reverse my symptoms? I took a 360° approach. This is the same approach I take when working with my patients.

Having 15 years of experience as a nurse helped me understand what was missing from clinical medicine. When my colleagues and I treat chronic diseases, it requires that we get to really know our patients and approach their healing from a truly comprehensive angle. By practicing Functional Medicine, I am able to work closely with each one of my patients to address the underlying causes of diseases and chronic conditions.

I’m a big believer in using food as medicine. Using this methodology, a big part of many treatment plans will be looking at overall nutrition and how we can adjust it to leverage the body’s own power to heal.


One of my specialties is treating patients with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. I find that these patients are often very misunderstood in the world of traditional medicine. I have had the incredible honor of working closely with Dr. Richard Horowitz, one of the world’s most sought-after doctors for treating Lyme disease. Through my years of medical experience, I learned a great deal about chronic Lyme: how debilitating it can be, how difficult it can be to diagnose, and how we can use a comprehensive strategy for healing.

For these reasons—and many more—I’m so thrilled to be opening my doors to patients who need help. And I’m bringing some of the best and brightest professionals I’ve ever met to leverage my ability to care for those in need.

Walls Going Up

Things are beginning to take shape! This will be the reception area!!!

I’m looking forward to keeping you updated as we continue on this journey. You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram,  or contact us directly to learn how we can help. We are currently accepting new patients and appointments for August. We are so excited to get to know you!

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