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Why Use Supplements?

Due to the fast pace of modern life and intensive farming methods that have negatively impacted the food supply, even people who try to eat correctly are still often lacking the essential vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy. Knowing what supplements each individual needs is important, but just as vital is making sure that what you are taking contains the purest and most “bioavailable” ingredients possible. Bioavailability means to what extent the vitamin can be absorbed from your intestines to actually do its job. If bioavailability of a product is low then more is passing through you than helping the health of your body.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

There are 3 types of vitamins: Grocery Store or Nutritional Grade (yes, that includes Central Market and Whole Foods), Medical Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade.

Nutritional Grade – vitamins you find at your local store. There is no real regulation of these and, for example, you may not be getting the 1000mg of vitamin C that they claim. The purity is questionable and the actual vitamin is in a form that is likely not very bioavailable.

Medical Grade – a somewhat purer vitamin. It’s bioavailablility is better than nutritional grade, however no outside source has evaluated the product and validated its contents.

Pharmaceutical Grade – the best vitamin you can buy. For a company to claim this an outside accredited lab has evaluated the supplement and confirmed thay are the purest and most bioavailable.

We continually monitor new scientific research and clinical results to make the best possible recommendations and we provide only the purest and most potent supplements available. These pharmaceutical grade vitamins are mostly available only through healthcare professionals and are manufactured to exceed industry standards for quality.